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Arti : delay_parameters 1 -1/-1 -1/-1

ini saya cobak berdasarkan konfigurasi oranglaen yg sudah ada , tapi tetep belum bisa, maksud saya, kenapa network laennya juga kenak limit, bantuin dunk omm ….

#We don’t want to limit downloads on our local network

acl magic_words1 url_regex -i 192.168.

#We want to limit downloads of these type of files
#Put this all in one line

acl magic_words2 url_regex -i ftp .exe .mp3 .vqf .tar.gz .gz .rpm .zip .rar .avi .mpeg .mpe .mpg .qt .ram .rm .iso .raw .wav$

#We don’t block .html, .gif, .jpg and similar files, because they
#generally don’t consume much bandwith
#We have two different delay_pools

delay_pools 2

#First delay pool
#W don’t want to delay our local traffic
#There are three pool classes; here we will deal only with the second
delay_class 1 2

#-1/-1 mean that there are no limits

delay_parameters 1 -1/-1 -1/-1

#magic_words1: 192.168

delay_access 1 allow magic_words1

#Second delay pool
#we want to delay downloading files mentioned in magic_words2

delay_class 2 2

#The numbers here are values in bytes;
#we must remember that Squid doesn’t consider start/stop bits
#5000/150000 are values for the whole network
#5000/120000 are values for the single IP
#after downloaded files exceed about 150000 bytes,
#(or even twice or three times as much)
#they will continue to download at about 5000 bytes/s

delay_parameters 2 5000/32000 5000/32000
delay_access 2 allow magic_words2


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