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Turn on Mac Web Server

Turn on Mac Web Server

1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.
2. Click Sharing, and then click the Services tab.
3. Select Web Sharing
4. Web Sharing will turn on.

1.. Every user with an account on Mac can host his or her own website. There’s also a parent directory for the web server.
Following directories:
* Parent Directory: Library > WebServer > Documents
* User Directory: User’s Home Directory > Sites
You will need to add at least one file to one of the directories: index.html. This is your homepage!
2. Test out your website. Depending on which directory you used, you’ll need to modify and use one of the following URLs to see your website:
* Parent Directory: http://ipaddress/ (or http://localhost/)
* User Directory: http:/i/paddress/~username


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